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Jacksonville’s Bike to School Day is Today

February 16, 2012

The Mayor of Jacksonville, Mr. Alvin Brown, has proclaimed February 16th the official “Bike to School Day” for our city. Jacksonville was one of the many stops taken by the Safe Routes to School Cross Country Team on their long journey from Key West to California. The team is attempting to raise nation-wide awareness of cyclists and pedestrians, with a concentration on our children who are in need of finding a safe way to get to school and play in our neighborhoods.

Yesterday many folks from the community, concerned about the safety of our pedestrians, children, and cyclists,  gave a warm welcome to the team with a gathering at San Marco’s Preservation Hall. The JBC, along with several others, had little booths set up with free goodies to give away to the children and parents – including safety whistles, reflectors, bike helmets, coloring books, pamphlets, pocket-sized booklets, all kinds of great stuff – all pertaining to street safety.

Councilwoman, Lori Boyer, read aloud the mayor’s official Bike to School Day proclamation. It was very exciting and I’m so proud of everyone and their efforts. Lately there has been a bit of an increase in news coverage pertaining to bicycles.

Though my ears did perk up when Jeannie Ward-Waller of the Cross Country Team used the word “coalition” to thank people, I believe she was referring to everyone involved with the event. And most of the credit should go to the Safe Routes to School team here in Jacksonville for doing all the foot work to coordinate the event.

The wheels of change are in steadfast revolution, my friends.

Here’s the link to the news video to which this article refers:

Kids riding their bikes during Jacksonville's Bike to School Day.

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