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JBC Member Gets Clipped by City Bus. Video Evidence Proves Cyclist Not at Fault.

October 18, 2011

JBC member and friend of ours, Abhishek Mukherjee, found himself in a particularly sticky situation on September 7th of this year. Have you ever responded to the question “How’re you feeling today?” with a weary, “Like I got hit by a bus.”? Well, remove the first word from that response and that’s what Abhishek was telling people that fateful Wednesday; the very same week where at least four other cyclist colleagues got hit by motorists, two of whom were JBC members. I will not get into detail about personal injuries, but I will say his Xtracycle did not make it and we are all still mourning that great loss, as the Shek X was a nobel, two-wheeled figure in these parts. See photos of it in our “photos” page.

In the video, you can see Shek is very visible in the front of the bus as they are stopped at the light. You can even very clearly see the bus driver’s head turn in the direction of the cyclist as he passes him. Abhishek, like the anal-retentively law-abiding cyclist that he is, is doing everything correctly and is also attempting to move over into the far right shoulder to get out of the way of the bus. No dice. The bus driver did not adhere to the 3-foot rule on the very narrow street of Riverside Avenue…

The very same area where the JBC is striving to have sharrows installed to indicate to traffic that a cyclist may use the full lane when the road is too narrow for vehicles to safely pass.

Especially when that vehicle is a great big barreling city bus.

I’d get the “Video Upgrade” here on WordPress, but it’s a whopping 60 clams. You’ll have to make due with clicking on the link below and being directed to You Tube.

Link to the video:

Poor Shek X!

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