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“The Phenomenal Success of Capital Bikeshare”

August 5, 2011

I put that title in parentheses because this is another post of a post. Thank you, Katie Smith, for sharing this story. People all across our country’s capital are discovering how amazing and totally easy it is to simply ride bikes. If you don’t have a bike of your own, or you’re in a pinch and your bike is at home but you really need an easy way to get to your destination and surpass the traffic, no problem. That’s what Capital Bikeshare is for.

Here’s a link to a very interesting video about it:

DC-Capital Bikeshare (NACTO)

What wrote about it:

“Nearly three years ago Streetfilms took a day trip to Washington, D.C. to see their Smart Bike DC  in action.  We found the trial bike share system a fun ride with great potential, but with only 120 bikes there wasn’t a great sense of widespread use.

Flashforward to 2011 and with over 1100 bicycles and 110 stations D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare‘s is amazing testament to having to “go big or go home” when deploying bike share programs.  Currently the largest bike share system in the United States, the District’s 2.0 version gives users much more flexibility and options to accomplish short errands, commute to work, and to integrate other transit modes into their daily lives.

In fact, the next phase of expansion has just been announced, with 18 more stations and 265 more bikes coming this Fall.

The handsome red bikes are easy to ride, with one swipe of a keycard you’re off and biking. During the am and pm commutes (and lunch hours) you’ll see the bikes in very heavy rotation.  But what left Streetfilms most flabbergasted was how many people were riding them in full business attire in the hot & humid summers around the Capital. If that isn’t a sign of success, what is?”

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