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A smart tool for finding safe bike routes in your city.

August 5, 2011

They’ve got their act together in Atlanta! Or should I say, Hotlanta?… You’re right. You’re right. No one should say Hotlanta.

I digress.

Jacksonville needs something like this. Thank you, Katie Smith, for finding this story.

Check out this comprehensive, Google Maps-esque, online tool they’ve created to locate the safest route to travel from point A to point B for any given journey:

Here’s a clip from the site

“We’re doing our part to support this paradigm shift today by launching Ride the City – Atlanta. With Ride the City, bicyclists in Atlanta now have one more tool to find a safe way to bike from one part of town to another using the web or mobile applications (available on iPhone or Android).

For those new to Ride the City, here are some key features:

  • Click and drag start/stop icons to the map for easy routing (or enter a start/end address)
  • Choose bike routes that maximize bikeways, includes some bikeways, or choose the most direct route
  • Find nearby bike shops and rentals easily
  • Get turn by turn directions that show you which streets have bike lanes or bike paths
  • Login (for free) and then save and share your routes, or add points of interest
  • Download the Ride the City iPhone or Android app for easy, on-the-go routing
  • Submit feedback so we can improve routing, or just edit Ride the City’s basemap yourself (see below)

Ride the City’s basemap comes from Open Street Map (, the volunteer effort to map the world: every street, lake, boundary, and basically anything geographic you can think of is part of Open Street Map. Anyone can contribute to the map to make it better. Here’s a brief video to demonstrate how simple it is to add a bike lane to Open Street Map so that it appears on Ride the City to make better bike routes for everyone: YouTube.”

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